Our served area is Ville-Émard and Côte St-Paul.

The clientele must meet the following criteria to register as a member:

  • Share the mission and objectives of the organization;
  • Submit a written or oral request to the team or fill in the membership application acknowledged by the board;
  • Be a resident of Ville-Émard/Côte St-Paul;
  • Live at home (public institutions are excluded);
  • Be aged 65 or over, or on a case-by-case basis, aged between 50 and 64 and referred by a health professional;
  • Speak English or French (or be accompanied by a translator);
  • Other criteria may apply depending on the service.

Become a volunteer now!

Our volunteers are, and have always been SBA’s most precious partners. Every single one of them brings priceless support to seniors in their own way. It is only thanks to their engagement that we are able to reach our goal of allowing our elders with a light to moderate loss of autonomy to stay at home for as long as possible.

Volunteering at SBA takes the shape of friendship visits and phone calls, company during medical appointments, clerical work, participation in information booths and many other small but generous and selfless gestures that make a difference. Being socially involved in helping the community is very important to our volunteers.

Our services are, for the most part, volunteer-based. They aim to put an end to isolation and to provide a helping hand to family members unable to provide as much support as they would like, sometimes due to long travelling distances.

Volunteers must:

  • Be of legal age
  • Be a resident of Quebec
  • Speak French or English
  • Go through a screening process

Candidates will then be invited to meet with the team to determine the type of activities that would best fit based on their goals, potential, skills and availabilities. They will need to fill a registration form and sign an authorization for us to perform a background check. We will also require references other than family members.

Volunteers will be accompanied by a team member on their first day. There will be coaching and training. They must follow the code of conduct of the non-profit at all times and adhere to our values.


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Please complete the form below.